Monday, 7 November 2016

Espionage - Sat 3 Dec - Secret Location

Welcome to Espionage
Are you one of us?
We’re that faint click on the line, the shadow over your shoulder, a black-market kiss. Behind us lies a smoke-trail of gauloise & betrayal.
You are? Then quick - this message is for you.
‘gathering STOP female agents STOP Sat 3 Dec STOP exit deep cover STOP ears to the ground STOP history has overlooked us STOP but we are here STOP’
Now, burn the invite.

The Night
Hush & Indigo unite for an undercover night of femme fatales, strange fellows, flings, flirts & fine tunes. Think of it as a secret society party for those in the know. The location is classified - an informant whispered central Bristol. Watch your phone. Instructions to follow.
Sat 3rd Dec
8 pm – 2 am
Secret Central Location
Dress Code
Femme Fatales *FBI * French Resistance * KGB Queens * Steel-eyed Stasi * Sleuths * Spooks & Secret Police * Dandy Double Agents * D.E.B.S * Homeland & Handlers * Molls * Moles & Mission Impossible * 00Heaven * Bewitching Butchettes & Bletchley Circle *

Early Bird: £8 + BF Until 4 Nov or until Sold Out
Phase 2: £10 + BF Until 18 Nov or until Sold Out
Phase 3: £12 + BF Until Sold Out
Espionage is the 5th Xmas creation from Indigo. Following in the sprit of 'Prohibition', ‘The Voyage’, 'Blackout' and 'The Night Circus', this Xmas event is the most sought-after LBTQ+ event of the year.

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