Monday, 16 July 2012

‘Part of the Picture’ survey

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation are currently undertaking into substance use amongst the LGB population of England called ‘Part of the Picture’

The questionnaire is available to complete online via the following link:

Aims of this project:

To establish a national (England) database of LGB people’s drug and alcohol use

To inform local and national policy and practice in addressing drug and alcohol use of LGB people

To improve knowledge and understanding of the needs of LGB drug and alcohol users among drug and alcohol agencies

‘Part of the Picture’ is a 5 year collaboration between The Lesbian & Gay Foundation and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and is being funded by the Big Lottery Fund. We are entering the 4th year of data collection and looking to widen our network of respondents to ensure that diversity within the LGB population is represented and our results paint a truly national picture.

Why is this project important?

Of the data we’ve collected from 3,049 LGB respondents so far:

  2 in 5 said that they had used at least one substance (excluding alcohol) in the last month

 Drug taking was reported across all age groups

 Over a fifth reported binge drinking once or twice a week while 10% reported binge drinking 4-5 times a week or daily/almost daily

  1 in 4 may be showing signs of dependency on the substance they use most often or are most worried about

 81% said they would seek information, help or advice if they felt the need it yet only 29% had done so

Thanks for your time. For further information about this project or to view our key findings so far please visit:

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