Thursday, 15 September 2011

22nd Sep - 15th Oct - Coasting - Bristol Old Vic studio

Coastng is a new play by Natalie McGarth, it features three main characters all of whom are gay, two of which are women.

By Natalie McGrath
22 Sep – 15 Oct

Evenings 8pm
Matinees Thu/Sat 2.30pm

Directed by Emily Watson-Howes

A Bristol Old Vic production

The Stretch snakes along the seafront in a seaside town that has seen better days. Summer left a long time ago and now the paint is peeling, the beach is windswept and the tourists have all taken the last train home.

Using their own language in their own small world, best friends Pearl and Ocean precariously cling together making small change from fruit machines and temporarily escaping The Stretch by whatever means possible.

And then, one night, with fireworks exploding in the sky and police sirens wailing, Ocean sees the body on the beach…

Coasting has been developed through Bristol Ferment, and is a dizzying and hauntingly beautiful story of lives lived at the end of the pier, written by one of the South West’s most vital new talents, Natalie McGrath.

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