Tuesday, 20 April 2010

LGBT radio for Bristol - your chance to become a presenter!

Missing Lesbians are very pleased to tell you that the Outcast radio team met with Joanne at BCFM (Bristol Community FM) yesterday evening.

They have been offered a 20 ish minute slot on a Monday or Tuesday lunchtime. As most of the people currently involved with the project work during the day they are looking for a volunteer presenter or presenters who would be available for a run of 8 weeks starting sometime during May.
Could this be you?

All the technical stuff will be done by one of BCFMs other presenters and Outcast hope that one or more of their existing team will be able to co-present, but maybe not every week. We would also be providing some pre-recorded material to go into the show so you would get loads of help but also have the opportunity to shape the show yourself.

It is hoped that after the initial run of 8 or so weeks they will be offered a longer evening show, and the plan would be that whoever had been presenting the lunchtime segment could play a part in that also if they wanted to.

They will also be looking for guests to contribute to the show and there will be loads of opportunities to get your voice heard. So please get in touch if you would like to volunteer or help in anyway.

Contact Mary via email:   listings(at)missinglesbians.co.uk
or via our Facebook Group

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