Monday, 9 February 2009

Queer Spaces Meeting - Queer Cafe

Queer Spaces Meeting
Thurs 12th Feb
7pm @ Art Warehouse Space
9 Bath Buildings,

The end of 2008 saw the launch of the Bristol Queer Cafe, a space aiming to be a self organised, DIY, radical alternative to the commercial gay meat market. We've seen three successful cafe nights at the Kebele Social Centre, watched some great films and met some awesome people.

Rather than just having people running the cafe and everyone comes being consumers, everyone can get involved in running th space, whether that is choosing a film, designing flyers, setting up or serving on the night. we plan to have a different "event" at each cafe, the first three have been films, the next one will be crafts, but we don't have anything planned for future cafes. so there will be discussion about future themes, as well as the nuts & bolts of it, the organisation & stuff. There has also been a proposal to move the cafe to another venue, so we need to have a chat about that too.

We will also be talking about the other aspect of the cafe, a wider project to create radical queer spaces in bristol. We already have a few events in the pipeline including A National Gathering on Race, Privilege and Identity in Radical Queer/Feminist Communities (April), sex toys workshops, a weekend of queer gigs & workshops in the autumn, and a queer reading/book group. We'll also have time to discuss any new ideas.

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