Monday, 22 September 2008

Getting Listed!

Girls, please help me out here! I do try and get your listings up as soon as possible and keep them accurate. Surprisingly, despite often being away for days at a time I do normally manage to do this....

If you'd like your event or group listed, please, please, please send me something I can cut and paste into the site. That way it's quick to do and hard for me to get wrong! If I have pick out the important details from your email, go to your website, or google venues to find out all your details then things take much longer....

Sending in listings a good while before the event is helpful too. I'm sure those women new to the scene in Bristol will thank you for making the information available.

Oh, and one last moan. If you have been running something and it closes, let me know so that I can remove the listing. I hate out of date websites and I don't want this to become one.

This isn't really a moan, but the more you help, the more useful the site will be.

Many thanks

Mary :-)

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