Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Petition against Iris Robinson

Iris Robinson is a Democratic Unionist Party MP and wife of Peter Robinson, the leader of the DUP since the recent retirement of the Reverend Ian Paisley. She is also the chair of the NI Assembly's Committee on Health.

Mrs Robinson is now the subject of complaint to the police on account of her recent public announcement that gays are 'an abomination', and need psychiatric help to be 'turned around'. Yesterday she intensified her stance, with a BBC interview in which she announces that 'as sinners', gays should be regarded alongside murderers.

Local press coverage from Northern Ireland makes it clear her activities have begun to fuel hatred in Northern Ireland; and it is deplorable that the first lady should seek the limelight by replacing guns with homophobia to dismantle the peace process.

Northern Ireland trade unions are calling for Iris Robinson to stand down from the Committee on Health which she chairs, and a petition addressed to the Prime Minister in supportof this call is now in circulation. I hope you will use the link below and add your name to the petition. Please also forward it to anyone and everyone who will be opposed to this return to darkness that be firmly in the past.
Please add your name to the petition, to join in voicing opposition against these developments.
Petition link
Belfast Telegraph report
Iris Robinson's opening salvo

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  1. folks out there! read the iris robinson interview in the belfast newsletter (she now wants to invite moses and jesus to dinner (providing of course thet behave and have good table manners) read all of the article and form your own view mine is to have her sectioned under the mental health act