Sunday, 17 February 2008

New lesbian novel by Sarah Broughton

Other Useful Numbers by Sarah Broughton

Tracy is a kleptomaniac and a compulsive liar.

A lost soul, she drifts fecklessly about, sponging off her friends with a high turnover of menial jobs as she searches for Anita.

Tracy’s thinks that if Anita’s disappeared out of her life, then she must have disappeared out of this world, and that means detective work.

But Tracy is quintessentially unreliable, and it gradually becomes clear that it is her neurosis, rather than Anita’s disappearance, that is the driving force behind her adventure.

Set in a northern English city in the 1980’s, Other Useful Numbers explores a lost community of women floundering in the murky waters of economic depression, infidelity and feminist politics, and is in turns moving and hilarious.

It’s a novel about love, dependence, disappearance and recovery.
Sarah Broughton lives in Cardiff. She has researched and written television documentaries on Kathleen Ferrier, Gracie Fields and Josephine Baker.
A great portrait of a dislocated mind... absorbing,moving and funny.
Lesley Glaister

ISBN 978 1902638 508


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