Saturday, 23 February 2008

Catherine "Titch" Heyleur and TITCH PRODUCTIONS

Those of you who knew Titch or are music fans will be interested to know that Richard (Cookie) and Tracey who are "Titch Productions" are in a BBC competition called "Upstaged" which apparently will include some of Titch's material. I shall post more details when I have them, but you can watch a video and vote for them on the upstaged website

If they get enough votes they will appear in a live show at Millennium Square, Harbourside, Bristol. More details on the website. They are ranked number 9 as I type, so please vote for them!


  1. Richard and Tracey26 February 2008 at 00:18

    Hiya Mary

    we are now ranking at no 4
    Thank you for the blog....people have to sign up as a member then they can vote and rate our work....we sohould be going into the live vote THURSDAY and you can click vote as many times as you like here is the link for our profile

    thank you for your time

    Richard (Cookie) and Tracey

  2. Good luck Richard and Tracey!

  3. Richard (Cookie) and Tracey29 February 2008 at 21:42

    We are in and will be LIVE in Bristol on MONDAY.... anyone in the Bristol area who would like to pop down and say hello please do... we aim to make our show interactive and will be offering the chance for some lucky people to come into the Titch Pod. Bring in your creations for us to show online so we can fill the wall of creation.

    Thank you Mary for your support and see you in BRISTOL XXXX