Friday, 22 February 2008

BLGBF - Film Night - 28th Feb - FREE!

The Bristol Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Forum is holding a free film night on 28th February 2008 at 6pm at the Watershed in celebration of LGBT History Month. There are two films Gaea Girls and Homo Promo.

Film Night - 28th February 2008 6-10:30pm
Watershed 3, Watershed, 1 Canon's Road, Harbourside, Bristol

6pm Mix and Socialise
6:20 Gaea Girls (Details below)
8.05 Break
8:30 Homo Promo (Details below)
10:00 Mix and Socialise

The room holds 40 people only, so places are limited. Please contact the office for a place.


0117 922 0741 (leave message if unattended)

Gaea Girls

A film by Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams

"This fascinating film follows the physically grueling and mentally
exhausting training regimen of several young wanna-be GAEA GIRLS, a group of Japanese women wrestlers. The idea of them may seem like a total oxymoron in a country where women are usually regarded as docile and subservient. However, in training and in the arena, the female wrestlers depicted in this film are just as violent as any member of the World Wrestling Federation, and the blood that’s drawn is very real indeed. One recruit, Takeuchi, endures ritual humiliation not seen on screen since the boot camp sequences of FULL METAL JACKET'. Working with co-director Jano Williams, Longinotto has been given access to shoot an insider’s verité account of this closely guarded universe." - Chicago Film Festival

Homo Promo

A film by Jenni Olson

"How did Hollywood pitch movies about gays and lesbians between 1956 and 1977? Find out with this unique collection of vintage lesbian & gay themed movie trailers from mainstream cinema. This unique DVD collection catalogues virtually every major mainstream queer-themed film produced between 1953 and 1977. It starts with the famous underground smash 'Glen or Glenda' (I Changed My Sex), progressing through to 'The Boys in the Band', and ending with the drag classic 'Outrageous!'
We see and hear how secreted gay love affairs begin to first rattle in the cinematic closet progressing through to innuendo, and ultimately shouting it out loud and proud from the rooftops."

Come and meet new friends and find out more about the work of the Forum. Find out more about how you can be involved.

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