Monday, 8 October 2007

On the Box

Still available for the next couple of days on (for those who have it) Virgin cable Catch Up TV is "Danny - Escaping my Female Body" which within the confines of the TV formats we are currently subjected to is a sensitive portrait of a young man beginning gender reassignment surgery. The second half of the programme contains a lot of scenes of the actual surgery which personally I could have done without, but elsewhere in the film Danny and his girlfriend talk openly and eloquently about issues of sexuality and gender in a way which I consider quite brave, even in these slightly more enlightened times.

Watch it on catch-up or wait for it to come around again on BBC3

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  1. On this week: (from the BBC website)

    Stephen Fry: HIV and Me

    Tue 9 Oct, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins

    In part two of this powerful and timely documentary series looking at HIV and AIDS, Stephen Fry explores what life is like living with the virus today and the impact treatment has had.

    Twenty years ago there was no medication. Becoming infected meant almost certain death. But this year a drugs company has produced the long awaited breakthrough of controlling HIV with one pill a day. Stephen wants to find out if that explains why HIV has slipped off the radar despite the fact that there are three times as many sufferers in Britain today as 10 years ago.

    Stephen begins his journey meeting people whose lives have literally been saved by the drugs. He meets a 21 year old girl born positive who has now given birth to a baby born negative.

    But Stephen also discovers that taking the medication often leads to terrible side effects and that thousands of patients now find themselves resistant to the drugs. In the case of one man in Los Angeles resistant to all 24 drugs, a 'salvage' patient who fears he is about to die.

    But at least in the UK there are drugs. Most HIV patients around the world can only dream of such a situation. Stephen goes to Uganda to explore why the drugs don't seem to be getting through. The answer is unexpected and depressing. Some strong language. [S]

  2. Wife Swap - It's still on Virgin on demand, a lesbian couple swap with a farmer. Haven't seen it yet but sounds fun!