Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Lesbian & Gay Parents

I've been asked to post the following on behalf of two women from South Wales.

"We are a lesbian couple (aged 37 and 39) living in the
Cardiff area and are expecting our first child together through IVF treatment - due on 1st March. We would very much like to meet other lesbian or gay parents as a form of support. We have noted that currently there does not seem to be any support groups for lesbian or gay parents in the South Wales area. We recognise the importance, especially for children of gay/lesbian parents, of community, for children to meet other children of lesbian/gay parents and to realise that they are not isolated, that there are other similar family set ups. Anyone interested in meeting other lesbian/gay parents please contact me on helenjones022002(at)"


  1. Try the Pink Parents website

  2. This is great info to know.