Monday, 8 October 2007

Bristol Clubbing

So, a big weekend ahead for us clubbing gayers....for no reason other than the Brighton contingency are descending and we need to repay the awesome times we've had there (Pride, Charles Street, Wild Fruit; Brighton Rocks to name but a few lesbian good time venues). Camp as Tits is on, as usual, at the Shilling. Always guaranteed a great mix of cheese (Have you had "the time of {your} life"?! "Don't stop me now"), current 'floor fillas' (Sugarbabe anyone?) and all round good tunes. The thing I love about the Shilling, especially on a Friday is that it is always full of women (hurrah!) and they are not all on the pull.....and.....there are people of all ages. I know, how sad do I sound, but I'm not a baby-dyke, cute as they are. So, fantastic. Join'll be wicked. We will be the big group, drinking; smiling and generally having fun. (Will let you know, Saturday, how the day after feels). Oh yeah, if you can suggest a good starting venue (we always go for the Rummer for posh totty cocktails, stright though) or the Hatchet (cheap, good vibe and local). Alternatives welcome.

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  1. How was Friday? Fun fun fun. It perhaps shouldn't have been (how could we have failed to notice that Friday night was 80s night this week?!) but it was! Good company, a few beers and a lot smiley fellow clubbers and we were dancing away. Bonnie Tyler, Wham and enough butterscotch vodka to sink a ship! The crowd were an odd bunch....not odd strange just odd unusual. Not many women (1/3 ratio...usually its higher), no baby-dykes, a few freshers / straight girls (but they were just having fun with the rest of us) and that's about it. But hey, as I said, enough good company around you and anywhere can be fun.

    That said....where have all the women gone? Is it true they are in Flamingoes? Do tell......